idea1517611 A16aTis the Season to be jolly, fa la laaa la la. :) I teamed with Sharai Siemens, new upcoming photographer in Saskatoon, to do a Christmas cards for my clients, friends and family. It was such a fun day and she was a blast to work with. If you are interested in working with her contact


ONEYEARSoooo.. the time has come. I am officially at the one year mark of Benesh Design. How surreal. That went by way too fast! But such a thrilling adventure. There has been many struggles that have brought me to this point, but mistakes and struggles are all apart of the journey. I would be not here today without the support of my friends and family. You all know who are and I am so blessed to be surrounded by so much love. When I first started Benesh Design, I was in over my head. I was just a kid with a passion for design and wanted to express it, breathe it, grow it, learn and move it. I have always had big dreams, still do in fact. I was given the action to start to do what I love and the way I wanted. I love being a freelancer and the lifestyle it brings. Not only have a grown as designer, I have grown as a person. I have become more confident in who I am  because I am living my dream. I am so in love with my life. I have met so many great people who have helped me, shape me and push me. Huge thanks to those people.  I don’t define where I am by my success because I am nowhere there yet. But from when I first started and to where I am now, is night and day and I can only hope that I continue to grow. For me, it isn’t about the money (but unfortunately we need money to survive) for me its about being apart of something, creating some fresh and exciting. Something that can make people feel. I have really grown into the entrepreneur community within Saskatoon and I just love it. I have developed relationships and connects that I hope will be with me forever. There has been so many ups and downs, many successes and many mistakes. For this next year I promise to pushed myself harder. To become the best designer I can, by expanding my horizons and learning as much as I can. Cheers to many more years to come!

Gosh, I love type.

Sorry it has been awhile folks, but I wanted to do a post on something I truly love.. type. I think it may be one of my  favourite parts of design. Here are some of my favs. Enjoy, Happy Wednesday!


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